“Thank you for this opportunity to participate. I learned a lot and I realised that I needed to work on myself more. The relaxing and creative surroundings as well as the organised and kind hostess made it easier to accept. I took steps shortly afterwards as I suddenly had a sense of urgency, and I am feeling better for it. I feel that C. Jung’s words: ” You must go in quest of yourself, and you will find yourself again only in the simple and forgotten things” sum up what I felt after your workshop, re-discovering what I love, what I dream about and long for, but also an awakening to what actions I need to take. Thank you very much and please let me know the dates of any future sessions.”

        K. B. , Passionate Gardener, Dog Lover, Adventurous Rambler, Creative Community Enthusiast, Woman in Quest of Herself, Conwy, UK


“My day at Clara’s workshop a very enriching experience. Her cottage is the ideal venue for exploring creativity: as you walk through the door you feel as if you have entered another world, which indeed you have because everywhere you look there is something to stimulate your creative imagination. Throughout the day we were taken on a journey of discovery into who we are and what makes us that way, and we were able to uniquely express that through art/craft and collage. As we left we were encouraged to take what we had discovered and apply it to our lives. A truly blessed day.”

Kathryn Powell, Christian Crafter, Passionate Walker, Creative Writer, Conwy, UK



“I attended one of Clara’s amazing workshops, that lasted a day. It started off in magical surroundings that too were very inspirational, Clara is, as well as everything else a wonderful hostess. We started off the day with a cuppa of our choice,    in beautiful China crockery as we were briefed of what the day had in store for us (a creative day of fun). I won’t disclose too much at this stage, as I think you need to experience for yourself, the journey of exploration that you go on.  I can say you won’t be disappointed attending the workshop, you find things out about yourself, that you can’t imagine, in a lovely creative journey filled with drinks and snacks. I would definitely go on another workshop, I can’t thank Clara enough a very inspirational lady!”

Carol Downes, Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Tutor, Crafter and Upcycler at Downsiedoup, Conwy, UK www.facebook.com/downsiedoup



“Thank you Clara for your wonderful hospitality and the chance to be me for a day. Your lovely home is inspirational. I met some lovely people with similar life situations to myself and I was pleased to chat to them about it. I loved the creative self-discovery aspect and I will be following this up at home. So glad I came thank you.”

Grace Kentish, Photographer, Prophetic Worshipper, Artist at Grace Art, Conwy, UK, http://www.facebook.com/gracelovesart1



“Thankyou for such a lovey day yesterday. It was so good to be in great company whilst being creative. Very relaxing and thought provoking !!!!” 

Lorraine Blow, Counsellor, Creative, Mama, Missionary, Gwynedd, UK



“Such a joy and a privilege to have been part of this workshop Clara, a special time in more ways than one! I have learned so much about the importance of self-care and I discovered I have the tools to be able to do this. I was surprised at how our past can have an influence on not allowing us to put ourselves first. I loved all your attention to detail and I have a lot to think about, digest, and put into practice.”

Ann Maskell, Crafter Extraordinaire, Leader at 3Cs (image below), Conwy, UK www.pdbc.org.uk

ann m


“As a naturally inclined writer, words have always been my preferred form of expression. I’d never even heard of art journaling. Until I met Clara. She led me to an exciting discovery of a completely new way of expressing myself.  Art journaling has helped me to uncover truths about my journey, my life that I don’t think I would have found any other way. It’s allowed me to journey deeper into myself,  to see more clearly who I really am, and to see who I am becoming. During moments of high emotion, it has helped me to process the tangled web of feelings and to reach a point of clarity and freedom, where I can see beyond my pain, my impatience, my frustration, or whatever else it is I’m feeling. Art journaling will never replace my love for words and poetry; instead it has become a beautiful partner of my writing self, helping it to find what sometimes it would never be able to find alone.”

Katie E. B., Missionary, Writer, Teacher, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France



“Clara’s session has been a groundbreaking point to meet myself face to face. Through uncontrolled and spontaneous exercises I have opened myself into the very deep, hidden room which has revealed my need for freedom and inner voice.”

        Ewa Konior, Visual Artist, Gwynedd, North Wales. UK   ewakonior.com



“Dear Clara, I feel so refreshed after your beautiful workshop. It was like being wrapped in a cosy blanket, safe and warm and able to just be! Thank you so much.”

Cally Thompson, Artist, Denbighshire, North Wales, UK



“What a truly amazing, wonderful, transformative experience. You must have a go!”

Emma Winters, Conwy, North Wales, UK



“Thank you so much for your beautiful workshop…
One of the things that came up for me was self-nurture and
I’m already drinking more water and thinking about how I can
look after myself better and also love myself more. I am planning
to find a new beautiful fragrance/perfume just for me, because
I love it, not because it’s been bought for me, but because I chose it.
Your workshops really are a beautiful safe space, where each of us
is free to be herself and see, discover and excavate things about herself.

L. Brooks, Conwy, North Wales, UK



“As a community artist and workshop facilitator, I went to one of Clara’s sessions hoping for some ‘me’ time and I wasn’t disappointed. The care and time she puts into preparing a warm and inviting space is unbelievable, not to mention the wonderful array of materials and equipment she lays out along with a trolley of treats (all manner of teas, chocolate, coffee, munchies…you name it and I am pretty certain she has it on offer to spoil you with). Clara comes up with so many inspiring prompts, suggestions, and ideas, after one visit I was hooked and really looked forward to each next session. I’ve moved from the area now but I still look at the journals inspired by the workshops and find they give me yet more ideas. Thank you Clara, for your kindness and generosity, and energy in providing such a lovely creative and supportive space for people to play in.

   Dee Williams, Mixed Media Artist and Printmaker, Rhondda Valley, South Wales. UK



“So glad I did go along to Clara’s journal class! The hours flew by and I’ve been inspired to use this path of expression in creativity. I enjoyed learning a positive way to express myself and ride through fearsThank you so very much for today Clara and for all the effort you put into putting it all together from cake baking and immense tidying up after us!”

Linda Hurst, Visual Artist, Photographer, Lapsed Songwriter, Creative Volunteer at www.tapemusicandfilm.co.uk, Conwy, UK



“Thank you sooooo much for a lovely day packed to the brim with techniques and practical stuff. I found the session transformational, felt at ease to experiment and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Amazing people, gorgeous cakes. You give your heart, thank you.”

Kathryn Ruth Rowett, Former ‘Colour Me Beautiful Consultant’, Lover of Horses, Creative Soul, Denbighshire, UK



“I want to say thank you for helping me through difficult times. You have shown me how creative journaling can inspire and ignite my life. You have shared so many of your gifts and passions, creativity and knowledge, you are an inspiration to many. I loved all your workshops and they have a special place in my heart.”

Enaid Mynydd (Sould Mountain), Therapist and Healer, Conwy, UK


” I thoroughly enjoyed today. Learning to be free to explore our relationship to materials, text, colour, and giving ourselves space to just be on a page.”

Sarah Margaret Davies, Visual Artist and Art Practitoner, South Wales, UK



“A wonderful day, learnt so much. A start of a new adventure, Thank you!”

Denise Picton, Traveller and New Adventurer, Woman of God, Founder and Manager at www.focuscarewales.co.uk  Conwy, UK



“Clara’s sessions have really helped me to take notice of all the good in my life and within myself. My bright, colourful pages have reminded me of who I am and set me off in new directions that I am excited about. I have re-connected to my own needs, had fun being creative, and translated that into tangible actions in my life. I appreciate my need for colour and calm more than ever before and I have since bought some art supplies to use at home.”

J. A. Roberts, Psychologist, Compulsive Collager and Born Again Creative Journaller, Conwy, UK



“I’m not the best at drawing, but I do find indulging my creative side always makes me feel better. When I discovered Clara and went to one of her creative journaling workshops, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I spent a whole 4 happy hours channeling my inner child sticking,  gluing and painting, and didn’t look up for a whole 2 hours I was so engrossed in my own little bubble. I left with a wonderful book of inspiration and feeling refreshed and clearer in my mind about what needs to be a priority in my life.“

Sandy Semple, Writer at www.wordsescapemeblog.wordpress.com, Former Director/Producer at ITV, Mama to two Scoundrels and The Ginger Loon,  Author of “Words Escape Me: Life after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis”, Cheshire, UK



“I will never forget these moments spent in your workshop… a place of freedom where time stops… an oasis of well being… and so many other things. Avec a delicious urge to continue to express… to write to create and…!!!

Laurence Doucey, Free Spirit, Motorcyclist, Crocheter & Crafter, Fougerolles, Franche-Comte, France



“I can guarantee you’ll go on a gentle journey of discovery that involves much fun, friendship and laughter + CAKE! A fabulous course.”

Pam Luckock, Coach, Facilitator & Co-Director at  www.workingwithnotto.com Co-Production Project, Conwy, UK



“Can’t begin to tell you how wonderful a Clara Day is.”

Wendy Dearden, Crocheter Extraordinaire and Camper Adventurer at The Blue Seagull, Conwy, UK



“I really recommend Clara’s courses. So different, highly enjoyable, full of learning, self-discovery and tools for shaping your life and/or business to reflect who you really are and what you want from life. Clara is inspirational and her enthusiasm totally infectious.”

Rosie Tuszynska, Artist at Indigo Art , Denbighshire, UK



“Clara, thank you for your generosity, creativity, kindness and inspiration. It has been a real joy to join you on this process of exploration. You create a beautiful space to freely explore our journey, with gentle encouragement, humour and light direction to support us along the way. Thank you for being you.”

Marian Rosefield, Coach, Trainer, Writer, Artist, Healer & Adventurer at  Coaching in Partnership, Conwy, UK



“Clara has an exceptional gift for helping one uncover one’s true thoughts and needs. She is very inspirational!”

G.K. Carer, Conwy, UK



“After just an hour or so with Clara over a cup of coffee all that had been buzzing in my head became clear and I was able to ‘see’ what I wanted to do and very quickly set up the website for ‘Barefoot at the Kitchen Table’. From there I have been confident in ‘selling’ who I am. Thanks Clara for drawing out of me what was already there.

Diane Woodrow, Writer at Barefoot at the Kitchen Table, Conwy, UK



“I have attended a number of Clara’s sessions. All gave me the confidence to step out in business! I came away with a totally different view of myself and my abilities and changed my thinking from ‘I could never do this‘ to I can!. Clara is sensitive and insightful. The group sessions are fun and help you see that you already have the answers, you just need to believe. The freedom I am experiencing in my personal life and work grew from the work I did with Clara. Thank you for helping me see those hidden truths.”

Chrissy Smith, Knitwear Designer and Yarn Maker at Artmuse, Conwy, UK



“After only one session with Clara I have re-connected with myself. In the last few years my focus on our growing family has claimed most of my physical, emotional and mental energy and, in the process, I have come to realise that I no longer knew who I was apart from being a wife and a mother. Clara helped me to re-discover and re-connect with my creativity which I forgot was an integral part of who I was and a deep need which I seem to have been neglecting. I am now working on a number of creative projects and I have embarked on a new career since. I am beginning to feel my real self again, and that is a good place to be. I am regaining my true identity, and now I have more energy and tons of inspiration. Thank you!”

Magdalena Jezynska, Mama, Lawyer, an Aspiring Artist and Coordinator at Siec Przedsiebiorczych Kobiet, Warsaw, Poland



“I found the session very helpful – thank you very much, and I will be in touch soon for some more. I started having Artist’s Dates and already had two, and I am feeling better for it! One of them was to finish a short story for a local paper’s Writer Competition, which you told me about, and I really enjoyed  writing. I won 2 tickets to a theatre production as a prize, but more importantly I got a real boost out of writing again! Incidentally, the story I wrote was prompted by one of the pictures I selected at your group session. At the time I had no idea why I chose it, but I somehow knew that it was important and it fascinated me!”

S.R. Rescued Cook and Recovered Writer, Conwy, UK


“I have always vowed I would never need need a coach/counsellor but when I signed up for Clara’s session it was one of the best things I have done! From the worksheets which were emailed to me, to the amazing session, to the follow-ups, I have been helped and encouraged and supported in ways I would not have imagined. Clara put me at ease, asked searching, relevant yet gentle questions, made suggestions, helped me to see ways of improving my current lifestyle, and has stayed in touch via emails. I highly recommend Clara, and will be signing up for more sessions.”

Penelope Swithinbank, Pastor, Leader, Writer, Director at Ministries by Design, Wiltshire, UK



Clara is a fantastic coach. During our time of working together Clara helped me move out of my anxiety caused by staying connected to my former full-time employment, into a space of excited clarity, as I transitioned into a new path towards living my passions and life’s purpose. Through her facilitation Clara was instrumental in helping me to identify my path and the roadmap I need to continue in my progress. Clara provides invaluable space and direction to move onward.”

Renae Whitacre, Coach and Financial Expert at Renae Whitacre, Nebrasca, USA


“You have given me an invaluable support, especially through one to one sessions. Your coaching enabled me to make strides in setting and aiming for goals and coming up with strategies to help me be organised and avoid distractions.”

Gwenda Murphy, Artist, Conwy, UK


I just wanted to tell you how helpful your session was in helping me focus. In the days following the session I felt that I moved forward, and then doubt/worry/anxiety jumped in and I had a bit of a freeze! It has been very useful to see clearly how these emotions and thinking habits can divert me way off…but I got myself a plan! I am resting and sleeping more, and I have started doing little spells of writing, drawing, walking and reading again – all things that nurture me. I thought I’d start with this as you encouraged me, and I am now getting ideas of how to manage myself better at work so I don’t get bogged down. I feel cautiously optimistic about all this.Thank you for sending the beautiful newsletter – the images alone are uplifting. Many thanks again.”

J. M. Health Professional, Wiltshire, UK


“Like many of us, I have many roles and I sometimes forget there is me, Cath. Even though I know that we need to support our own wellbeing so we are able in our roles to effectively support others and enjoy life, it is not always easy to put into practice. Clara helped me to think about how I could change this. Our session was really comfortable and I felt at ease sharing about myself while Clara guided the conversation in such a way that I was able to come up with my own ideas. The changes I have made so far aren’t huge, yet they are significant for me. Clara’s coaching helped me to find my own solutions, for which I am very grateful.”

Cath Barton, Community Circles Connector at Community Circles, Rochdale, UK


 The day has been really helpful to my current situation. I have felt confused and lost. The retreat day helped me to think clearer about my roles and also about what I would like to achieve in the future and how to get there. Excellent day, it really helped me.”

M. J. Carer, Denbighshire, UK


“I just wanted to thank you for being my coach. You really made me realise that I can make my dream come true if only I keep taking steps towards it.”

Esther Sankey-Noor, Accountant and Aspiring Entrepreneur, Conwy, UK