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I blame my journal.

It led me back to myself.

That’s why things look a bit different here.


Based in the beautiful North Wales (my adopted country) I design and host real life and online (still working on the latter) workshops and retreats for women who want to find the way back to themselves. Because everything else flows from that.

“Clara lives with her husband and two crazy rescue cats in a quirky old cottage by the sea, where she spends her days savouring Rilke and playing in her journal while sipping green tea from a slightly chipped (she doesn’t mind) china cup. Well…in her dreams mainly, and in the spaces outside her day job (yes, still in a day job, but working on her escape), revamping her business, babysitting, caring and voluntary commitments.

You can also find her in a small but deliciously overgrown garden where she keeps an old piano and a sun-kissed blue door in a beech hedge (she has given up on growing rhubarb). Otherwise, on the beach, filling the pockets of her fading green corduroy coat with broken shells, and her eyes with whatever visual delights the seascape has on offer that day.”

And speaking a bit more seriously…I am the chief dreamer, catalyst, journaler and host at Blue Suitcase Studio, accredited Artist Skills and Arts in Health facilitator, qualified but lapsed coach, creative dabbler with a past fling with professional portrait and wedding photography (ex props come handy now!), lover of a slow and simple way of living where people and things do not cease to be beautiful and valued when old and broken.FotoSketcher - cup no back

I appreciate you popping in here.


Email: hello@bluesuitcasestudio.com 

Telephone: 07775840203